Monday, May 24, 2010

Adieu, birding buddy!

This morning, Sunwiggy, my mother and birding buddy, took off for Michigan's upper peninsula to relocate for her later years...well, I wish her and my father well, but from now on I will be a solo birder...and I'll see tons of good birds, Sunwiggy, all without you!! Also, who will I hang out with at the bookstore, looking at books about birds and planning fantasy birding extravaganzas? And who will walk in Humiston Woods with me and then eat lunch at La Mex and help me search for Livingston County pigeons? Just have to say it...things won't be the same without you! Look at all the good times we've had! What kind of birding buddy are you?

Anyway, hope you made it up to the Great White North okay... And please, if I hear about that spruce grouse ONE MORE TIME!

1 comment:

  1. I love you, Sweetie, and I already miss you, and birding with you, like crazy! Birding just won't be half as much fun without you. And even if I SEE a bird, I probably won't know what it is! I will find all of the best local birding spots, so when you come visit me, we can hit the trails.