Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Birds of the Ozarks

Today I am writing my blog from the Lodge at Mount Magazine, where Greenturtle and I decided to splurge and spend the night. The view is wonderful and I can see northern rough-winged swallows flying in front the beautiful view of the valley. It's been windy and partly cloudy most of the day -- storms are supposed to be heading in. This is probably our last full day in Arkansas, so it's nice to make it memorable.

Did not see many birds today -- added two to my state bird count, the eastern wood pewee and the swainson's thrush, but no life birds. I suppose I can't be greedy. I heard a lot of scarlet tanagers and red-eyed vireos singing, but didn't see much of anything. Maybe because I was getting really tired after two previous days scrambling around in the Ozarks like a mountain goat. The Crow is getting old, and has sciatica. Sad but true.

To make up for the lack of birds, we saw a family of armadillos, the mother and three babies following behind her. ADORABLE! Seriously, it's hard to think of anything cuter -- can't wait until I put the pictures on the blog. I never would have thought that baby armadillos would be SO CUTE!

Thinking back over my Ozark birding trip -- tomorrow we are heading back north into Missouri, with a planned stop at Prairie State Park and then at the Shaw Nature Preserve before Sunday, when Greenturtle has tickets to a Cardinals game -- I have to say that I am pleased with the total of eight life birds I found. I wasn't really expecting any of them.

My favorite place was definitely Petit Jean State Park -- great birds and the most beautiful, too. After that would be Holla Bend NWR, even though it wasn't especially pretty to look at, it was very birdy. Mount Magazine is nice but for some reason I'm just not seeing the birds here.

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  1. Snivel. I haven't been birding for DAYS. Honestly, though, for mountain hiking, I would have to be conveyed about on a mule! Enjoy yourself, especially the Shaw Nature Preserve, you lucky ducky!