Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sugar Grove in early summer

For one of my last out-of-town birding trips before the Car-Less Adventure, Greenturtle and I went to Sugar Grove, one of my favorite spots in the county. I actually missed it while I was away for a week, wondering what birds were at the feeders and whether the dickcissels had returned to the prairie yet.... (Answer to questions: goldfinches, starlings and a blue jay at the feeders, and yes, the dickcissels are back!)

The bird walk was kind of a let-down though. Perhaps we got there a little too late or perhaps there just wasn't a lot of action, 'cause I didn't see much. Heard towhees and red-bellied woodpeckers, saw a house wren, a common yellowthroat, a meadowlark, dickcissels and red-winged blackbirds. That's just about it. Plus my mood wasn't very calm since Greenturtle and I had been talking about the Oil Spill and he loves to play devil's advocate, a bad idea under the circumstances. Plus it was hot and very sticky. My hiking pants weren't wicking away the moisture as advertised... I was just kind of simmering in my own sweat. Welcome, summer! Last year we really lucked out with a mild one. This year I'm just going to get my attitude right, because even a hot day, I find, can be enjoyable if I can get myself just to ACCEPT the heat and not mentally fight with it. Because all winter long I kept thinking, I wish it was warm, and now it's warm. Hey, I got my wish!

Once we got into the tall trees of the Thaddeus Stubblefield trail there were baby robins all over with their speckly bellies. They'd run around by the trail making startled noises before taking off and flying as best as their stubby fledgling wings could carry them. I think even Sunwiggy, the robin-hater, would have found that cute.

Greenturtle also thought he saw the pileated woodpecker of the grove flying away. I did not see it, but I heard some loud maybe it's still there.

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  1. I do not hate robins! It's just that the darn things are everywhere, all the time, and, when I've spent 5 minutes trying to spot and ID a bird, only to discover it's yet another robin, well...And I swear they laugh about it! "Ha, ha, made you look."