Saturday, November 27, 2010

Canada Goose Illustrated!

The semester is almost done which means that Greenturtle is once again stuck at home studying like a fiend. As those who have been reading about my rambles know, when we go on nature strolls together, Greenturtle and I are a team: he takes the photos, and I write about the outing in deathless prose, a sample of which you are reading right now. (Yes, that's a stab at humor!) Since he has been unable to accompany me for the last few months, my poor blog has been mostly unillustrated. Today I was fed up with that situation, so I borrowed Greenturtle's camera and drove down the street to State Farm Corporate South. So all photos accompanying today's posts were taken by me, hooray!

That is one of the things I like about birding. Because of my love of birding, I am continuously challenging myself, not only to learn more about birds (namely, where to find them and how to identify them, most important birding skills!), but also I have explored so many new places, learned about different ecosystems and plants, met new people. Working from birds out, I just keep learning. The only reason I ever would have started a blog is to share my love of birds. And now I seriously intend to become a better photographer, starting today....

Mostly I had an opportunity to look at, and photograph, Canada geese, which were numerous on and around the State Farm pond. As I walked up, they were lying on the grass around the sidewalk, probably happy to have the place to themselves on the weekend. As I approached, they hurried for the pond, giving me the opportunity to take photos of them in flight (see below).

I spent a lot of time gazing over the pond, switching back and forth from binoculars to camera (which was a little awkward -- not used to having so many straps around my neck!) In addition to the geese, there were mallards, pied-billed grebes, ring necked ducks, and an American wigeon. I also learned today that ring necked ducks have an uncanny ability to always stay as far from the observer as possible! Also, that they are diving ducks, not dabbling ducks like mallards.

It was a lot of fun snapping the photos, until I got home and had Greenturtle download them-- "You took over a hundred photos of CANADA GEESE??" What can I say, they kept DOING things!

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