Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birding hiatus?

I don't think it's possible to be tired of birds. But it is possible to be just flat-out tired. And stressed out. And busy.

I have given a couple of hints in my previous posts about being busier than I'd like, and while I never came right out and said, "I am going insane from all the stress!" perhaps, reading between the lines, one might have noticed it.

But it's a good sort of busy, and stress with a purpose, and now that it's a "done deal" I will announce that Greenturtle and I have purchased a house in the nearby small town of Clinton! Most of the uncertainty is behind us (as first time home-buyers we found the whole process a little crazy-making), and most of the actual hard work is in front of us--you know, the packing, moving, home repairs and what not.

Last weekend was to have been my final birding blast before the hard work set in, and alas, it rained. It drizzled, mizzled, misted and spurted. Every once in a while it even poured. The skies were gray; the temperature dropped from the high eighties to the high forties. WTF, Mother Nature? So, I didn't bird.

And now I'll be too busy to do much birding for the next week or so. Luckily, the warbler invasion seems to have passed. On my morning walk around the pond before work, I saw a flock of cedar waxwings, all the usual suspects, and just one glimpse of a little yellow job that was probably a Wilson's warbler. But the warblerama seems to be done for the season. In fact, the only "year birds" I've gotten since last week was a pair of veeries I spotted Monday morning.

Although I have no energy left to go looking for birds, when I'm not birding, a feel a bit of a lack. A gap in my days. But to make up for it, I remind myself of my new project: bird gardening! Yes, my new house comes with a nice sized yard and I can't wait to begin turning it into an avian haven! I like having new projects to keep things fresh, and as Green Birding has so far been a wash, maybe Bird Gardening will make up for it.

So far, my Yard List (yay, I get to make a new list!!) consists of two species: American robin, common grackle.

In the meantime...oh, well. In general, I find my life's progress more of a spiral than a straight line, and I think that's a good thing. Every turn on the path usually leads to a deeper layer of experience. Or that's what I say when I'm being an optimist. (Sometimes I say, "Why on earth did I ever do that? Was I nuts?"...but never about birding. And hopefully not about New Project: House and Bird Garden!)

Do you ever find yourself having to take a hiatus from birding (or your obsession of choice, if not a birder)? And if so, did you come back to it with renewed interest, or did you find yourself branching out in a new direction along the way?

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  1. You will love seeing the birds that come to your Bird Garden! You get to recognize and enjoy the birds as individuals. For starters, put up a nice tray feeder and a bird bath; one of the funniest sights of my day is the pigeon we named Diaper taking his bath. I'll send photos! Your warblers are arriving here, bringing much happiness to this UP birder. So happy for you with your new home- Mom