Thursday, May 26, 2011


As I was sitting by my window messing around on the Internet I heard a clamor in the yard and turned around to see...two adorable, fresh out the the nest, fat, fluffy American robin fledglings hopping around behind their parent.

I'd been hearing them begging for food over the past several days and now they must have taken the plunge and leapt from the nest. They can actually get around pretty well, even fly a bit--one chased its parent all over the yard begging for food, and the other flapped off to the wrong side of the fence.

I am sorry that the photos are so crappy--taken through my window (the storm window is still on so actually taken through two sheets of glass), but I think just a little bit of the cuteness comes through.


  1. Oh, so cute! It doesn't seem possible that your robins have fledglings already. I think the birds up here are just building their nests! It's chilly, in the 40s. Baby birds are adorable...once they get their feathers on. Mom

  2. The cuteness definitely comes through! We had a baby robin in our yard today for the first time this year. The parent robin broke long earthworms into bite-size bits for the baby. Super cute!