Saturday, June 4, 2011

More on Beautiful Wildlife Garden guest post

I recently discovered a really neat blog, Beautiful Wildlife Gardens, dedicated to the pursuit of creating nature-friendly yards and gardens. I thought they might be interested in my struggles with the invasive bamboo trying to take over my new yard...and they were! Thus announcing my first Guest Blog Post!

Here's a preview.

Today while I was browsing the kitchenware section of my favorite “big box store,” I picked up an item which announced that it was made from bamboo—“the fastest growing plant on earth.”

I have no doubt that the product I was holding was probably friendlier to the environment than one made of wood. Still, I could not help but shudder a bit as I returned it to the shelf. Because I have had the deep misfortune to have recently purchased a house whose backyard has been colonized by a non-native, invasive species: bamboo.

If you would like to read the rest of the post, you can find it here at Beautiful Wildlife Gardens.


  1. I followed the link and read your article, and all of the comments, with interest! It sounds like 4 to 6 years of vigilance and hard work. I wish I could buy you a statue for your yard: An angel with a very determined look, and a spade in one hand, and a blow torch in the other! If misery loves company, you have lots! Mom

  2. I would love that statue! I would put it so the angel's foot was treading on a bamboo culm!

  3. Thats lovable to attract birds in the garden or patio to make the surrounding much more natural and cheerful.