Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tipton Park in bloom

In yesterday's post, I described how hot it was and how I retreated to the air-conditioned embrace of Barnes and Noble after a brief stroll through Ewing Park. After an hour or so browsing the shelves, I decided to make one more stop before heading home for the day, and ventured a few blocks down the road to Tipton Park.

It was still hot. In fact, as Tipton has no shade whatsoever, the sun blazing down on my head (I forgot my hat) swiftly made me question the wisdom of the excursion.

On the up side, I have never seen so many wildflowers growing in the park. Whoever is in charge must have gone crazy with the native plantings this year, and the results are beautiful.

Lots and lots and lots of wild bergamot:

Compass plant:

I think this is vervain(?):

Plenty of red-winged blackbirds still in residence.

There were also several song sparrows, and barn swallows swooping quite low overhead and chittering as they flew. Besides the bird calls, the air rang with the sounds of new construction going up, which leads me to ponder one of the things about life which I don't really understand. The houses around Tipton Park are super-expensive. And yet they're crammed together cheek by jowl with pretty much no yards at all, certainly no privacy. True, they're huge. But if I could afford one of these, I could also afford a nice place in the country....

More flowers. So many prairie flowers look very similar that I hesitate to name these. I'm not so good with the plants.

Blackbird making good use of a compass plant.

I took a lot of photos of him; he's a cutie.

Butterfly weed, sans butterflies.

Purple coneflower, otherwise known as echinacea (this is what it looks like before it's ground up and put in a capsule!)

Seriously, Tipton Park is a great place to see native plants this year. Bravo to whoever's responsible. And if anyone knows some of the plants I sort of skimmed over in this post, please let me know what they are!

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  1. Oh, your blackbird is a cutie! I'll miss them when they go; they are a bird with a lot of "presence"! I'll have to make a stop at Tipton Park to see the prairie wildflowers when I come. I've never seen the point of those McMansions, but at least the Tipton Park ones have the beautiful park in their (nonexistent) backyards. Mom