Friday, November 11, 2011

From the Bird Journal

For the past couple of years, I've logged every birding expedition, nature stroll or even exceptional day around my Work Place Pond in my Bird Journal, a habit which has added a lot to my enjoyment. Sometimes I merely list the birds I've seen and the location; occasionally I wax poetic about them. Usually it's somewhere in between. Here's today's:

November 11, 2011 -- After work birds, 2:00-3:30. Sugar Grove Nature Center
Sunny but windy and chilly
By myself

Species seen:
Eurasian tree sparrow, about ten
House sparrow, a multitude
Goldfinch, about 30
BH Cowbird, just one
BC Chickadee, five seen
RB Woodpecker, 2
Cardinal, 3 (two males, one female)
American tree sparrow, at least ten
Dark-eyed junco, ditto
Downy woodpecker, one (female)
Eastern bluebirds, four

Seen while driving: meadowlark, starling, crow, RT hawk, Canada goose

Per young man at Nature Center, pileated was seen over by Chapel of the Templed Trees, so walked on Stubblefield trail in hopes of finding it. Many deer and squirrels, no pileated. Did find chickadees, two cardinals and a RB WP. For whatever reason, that part of the woods is never very birdy. They seem to prefer the scrubbier area across the prairie.

Feeders packed, but only four species: Eurasian tree sparrow, house sparrow, goldfinch and one lone cowbird. Seeing house sparrows and goldfinches side by side on the ground made me realize how tiny goldfinches are by comparison.

Best birding was at Imagination Grove: Am tree sparrows, more goldfinches, juncos, a cardinal, a downy WP and bluebirds, a small flock. Bluebirds are so lovely, every time.

Was last walk with current pair of hiking boots -- small holes in sides became large ones. The sun felt cold and distant and descended all too swiftly.

Have not been to Sugar Grove in months...almost like seeing an old friend again. Perhaps will try to make Friday afternoon stroll a regular occurrence.

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  1. Wow! What a nice list! Lately, I feel lucky to see 10 species on an outing. This post makes me homesick for Sugar Grove & Funks Grove, 2 of the nicest places to bird in that area. It was gorgeous there when I visited last summer, full of prairie wildflowers and birds. The staff does a wonderful job! Mom