Saturday, January 14, 2012

New member of the family

I interrupt this weekend's scheduled edition of My Ultimate Illinois Birding Year due to the unforeseen acquisition of a new family member, an adorable Pomeranian named Leo. You see, I have wanted a Pomeranian for several years, due to their extremely cute demeanor, their feisty attitude, and their all around tininess. I absolutely don't view dogs as an accessory, but I do like the idea of having a dog I could tuck under one arm and carry around if the situation warranted.

But, being a responsible-type person, at least some of the time, I decided that it would be nicer to adopt a dog in need from the local shelter rather than seek out a particular breed from a breeder, and so the first two dogs that Greenturtle and I adopted were a dachshund named Trevor and an American cocker spaniel named Raven. We got Trevor first, immediately after buying our house last May after years of living in no-pets policy apartments, and got Raven about a month later because we were afraid that Trevor was developing separation anxiety since we both have to leave him alone while we go to work. And the two became good friends, and I had pretty much decided that my canine family was complete.

And then guess what appeared at the Central Illinois Humane Society? A Pomeranian, just like I'd always wanted. This particular Pom is a four year old male named Leo.

He is super sweet and affectionate, so the only hurdle was wondering if our current dogs would get along with him. I was especially anxious about Trevor, since he often decides to hate other dogs...but not all other dogs, so who knows?

The introduction didn't start off on a good note. Trevor was barking, barking, barking, Leo seemed cowed, and Raven was just running around getting in the way like she often does. But after they were all taken to a quiet room together and allowed to sniff out their introductions, everything seemed copacetic. So Leo became dog number three! (And the last for a long, long time...I herewith promise never to be a candidate for a TV show about animal hoarders.)

So between the expense of the adoption, and the desire to spend quality time with the pack, I canceled my birding adventure for the weekend.

The rest of this post consists of gratuitous cute dog photos, at Sunwiggy's request, and since she is my most faithful reader (and my mother), I have complied. If anyone else wants more birding stuff, I promise it will be back tomorrow!

In the meantime....

Trevor seems a little depressed about having a new brother, and has been hogging my lap a lot more than usual, especially if Leo wants to sit there.

Raven, on the other hand, likes everybody, but has been showing her insecurity at the change of pack order by forgetting that she was almost housetrained. And while Leo seems like a well-behaved dog in almost every respect, he does have one bad habit...he's a nervous piddler. So now in addition to Sir Barksalot (Trevor) and the Galumphagus (Raven), we have Mr. Piddlesworth.

Is having dogs worth it? It is when they're as cute as they were in the backyard today.

Follow the leader:

Raven enjoying the snow:

Leo doing the snowplow routine:

Trevor wants to make sure I still love him best.

Sizing each other up:

Raven galumphing around:

A game of tag:

"Please play some more!"

"Yay, he wants to play!"

Leo chooses not to join in the fun:

He's like, "Really, I'm good the way I am."

Trevor says, "This is a lot of work when you're as low to the ground as I am!"

Leo even joins in for a bit:

Now Leo is announcing that he's had enough fun:

After they started looking like they were about to quarrel, I took them inside. Overall, everything seems OK though, and I know it will take a while for the "pack order" to get rearranged with a new dog in the mix. Luckily, they're all so cute I forgive them their bad habits.

If anyone has any advice about nervous piddling, though, I'd love to hear it!

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  1. OmiGod, the cuteness factor is off the charts! Leo is adorable! He looks like a little fox. Those photos of Trevor and Raven are great; you should send them in to, say, "Dog World"! Trevor does look a little bit sad; Grandma says give him lots of extra lap time and kisses. Don't you think that as Leo gets comfortable and secure in his new home, he'll be less nervous, and no longer fit the name of Mr. Piddlesworth (love it!)? I love Raven's big feet, too. Dad and I have decided that there is a cocker spaniel in our future. They seem to be a pet-bird-friendly breed...or, at least, more apt to spit the bird back out then swallow it. Thanks for all the photos! Mom