Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too hot to bird

We interrupt this saga of my Ultimate Birding Year due to the fact that it is just too freakin' hot to bird! Central Illinois has been scorched by triple digit temperatures for the past week or so, and despite being pretty much insane on the topic of birds, I do have to draw the line in the sand somewhere. When the temperature either hits the triple digits or drops into the negatives (no chance of the latter at the moment), I stay inside.

I think the birds agree with me, for glancing out the window at the brown expanse of crabgrass in my back yard (even if I was oblivious enough of consequences to water my lawn in the midst of a drought, the weed-infested patch that came with the house is just not worth the effort), I see no signs of life whatsoever, not even a hopping robin or an inquisitive house sparrow. It's just too hot.

Oh, and as for all those people who get defensive on the topic of climate change, this is all I have to say: I don't pretend to be a scientist of any stripe, but the last time I experienced temperatures like we've had for the last couple of years, I was living much further south. 106 degrees is Texas. Or Hell. Not central Illinois.

And if anyone thinks my last paragraph was a bit snarky, I must apologize, but the heat, and feeling imprisoned in the cooler lower level of my house (the air conditioning gets too feeble to make the upstairs bearable) makes me cranky! Just ask Greenturtle.

So I am trying to use the time stuck inside wisely by working on my Internet class. I am taking a short community education class in being a veterinary assistant, in the hopes that I can eventually find a more congenial job. I have yet to come to the chapter that discusses if it's OK for dogs to play poker. I also have a few books piled up and if I'm feeling really ambitious I can make up lists of all the things I should start doing for Self Improvement (such as start doing my weight work out before I get middle-aged arm-flaps--sadly, I don't think that lifting my binoculars to my eyes is going to cut it--)and investigating whether nachos and Mexican beer really is the optimal human diet. I suspect I will instead while away the hours watching my way through the all of the X-Files.

But even with all these other things to keep me busy, I am still sulking. Being stuck inside always starts to feel like punishment for some past misdeed. Hopefully the heat wave will break soon so I can get back to birding.

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  1. I feel like that during a Yooper winter. If I were younger and didn't have breathing issues brought on by 40-plus years of smoking, I could and would try X-country skiing and snowshoeing, but what can I say? When my doctor made me take a stress test, I announced that I was having a heart attack, and please let me off the stupid machine! So I stay inside a lot, sulking, or bird mainly from the Jeep, drinking coffee and sulking, during the frigid months. At least you, remaining indoors during a monstrous heat wave, don't have to admit that you have only yourself to blame! Mom PS Your yard birds would adore you if you put out a birdbath, honey.