Monday, June 17, 2013


Sir Galahad at the Ruined Chapel by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I have so much to do....

Some of it is fun (posts for this blog, working on creative projects), some of it is dreary (sending out resumes, doing the laundry, bushwhacking the yard--I have an unwanted plant issue that requires far more than mere "weeding"). And the more I think about what I have to do, the more I seem to end up walking in circles getting nothing done.

Why do people procrastinate? It is clearly easier and less traumatic to tick things off in a timely manner than to let them pile up until the very sight of one's "to-do" list creates an overwhelming impulse to see what's on Netflix instead. Because while you were avoiding it, the list only got longer! And before you know it, there's no solution except to mope around in a ruined chapel like our friend Galahad in the picture, thinking of how you would have found the freakin' Grail five years ago if you didn't keep getting waylaid by unimportant time-wasters like surfing the 'Net.

Luckily there is an easy solution to procrastination, which is to start tackling the necessary items one at a time. Simple, right? And it feels so good to cross them off, one by one: done, done, DONE! Which is what I'm going to do right now.

After checking out some birding sites on the Internet first. And making lunch.

And so it goes....


  1. Sir Galahad had NO excuse; the Internet wasn't even invented yet in his day! The only thing that drags me away from the Net some afternoons is when my sun conure, Wiggy, gets bored up there on my shoulder and starts biting my ear. Ah, for myself, I derive more satisfaction in making my lists than in actually doing anything on them. MOM

    1. I guess the lack of the Internet is why they were so hung up on jousting, which despite all the panoply was probably just as much of a time-waster back in the day. It certainly makes for a some really dull parts in Mallory.

      And now that I think of it, in those old-timey Arthurian tales, if the knights were staying on task for too long, the Devil would waylay them in the form of a buxom maiden, etc., to ensure that time was wasted by all. So there's always some excuse....