Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Suddenly, it's summer

Each year, it seems that summer comes as it's said that madness does: bit by bit, then all at once. Each year, I find the sudden surge of nature's fecundity a bit unsettling.

These photos were taken about ten days ago. As frequently happens, I felt the stirrings of a poem, a line here, an image there, but did not stop to write them down, and by the time I got back to them, they had faded in the manner of a half-remembered dream.

Summer really isn't my favorite season. I don't like the heat, and the intensity of the sun can feel a bit oppressive. But summer is when the fields and prairies come to life, an explosion of song and color that no other time of year can match.

The birds come back to breed. Soon they will be scurrying to feed impatient fledglings. Tree swallows perch on their houses, barn swallows swoop around the buildings.

The long, hot days seem like they will last forever, but I have to remind myself to stop and savor each moment. Nothing stays still. Each moment is a play of ephemera. The soil beneath our feet, the endless sweep of the sky to each horizon, the chattering of the summer swallows, all of it is telling us: summer is too intense to last. Catch it while you can.

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  1. What a beautiful photo essay! I love the birds' feet! The photos are so evocative of summer. Let's see, up here the fecundity of the season is expressed by the exuberant biting and breeding of midges and skeeters and black flies and many other species of flies; my own unseemly scratching in public was being imitated by lots of WalMart coworkers and customers today. Yes, I know bugs are food for the birds. Sadly, people are food for the bugs! Summer does go by too quickly...I want to be birding everyday! MOM