Wednesday, May 6, 2015

When inspiration fails

So I started the new year with so many good of them being to start posting regularly again on my bird blog! And now it's May already and...nothing. Honestly, if anyone is still out there paying attention...thank you so much for wondering what's going on in the realm of Grand Prairie birding! Because, yes, I still go out at least once a week, and look for birds. There are some really nice ones, too.

The thing is, I've learned (about myself), that while I enjoy walking my local patches week after week, that doesn't really inspire me to write about it. Nothing much changes, after all. The scenery is the same, the birds are predictable. Last weekend, for example, I had my first spring warblers (yah!), out at Weldon Springs, including blue-winged and blackpoll, which are a bit harder to find for me. And there was a vulture perching on a branch over a path. which I saw right before the reek of something dead and decaying slapped me in the I turned back, to let the vulture enjoy its find. Really, better him than me, eh? But I haven't had a life bird in over a year.... Money and time, you know, with neither one being abundant.

On a bigger level, for the past year or so, I've been stuck in a routine...commute/work/go home...commute/work/go home. And on and on. I really need to connect, not just with exciting new life birds, but with my own creativity and sense of exploration. So let this be a lesson to everyone stuck in the nine to five (or eight to six, or even longer) pattern...don't lose sense of yourself! There is so much more to life! Birds and all!

Yes, I am aware of the "birds and more," hopefully soon to revive myself (and this blog). For anyone else out there, what can I say? I don't know your circumstances, what you had to do to get through your day. But it can't hurt to spend a few moments in nature. And maybe look at a bird while you're out there. Here in central Illinois, in the middle of my work week, I'm doing the same thing. (Saw a robin, some Canada geese, and a magnificent male northern cardinal on my lunch break).

Happy birding!

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  1. This time of year, whenever the weather is nice, and I'm stuck at work, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth (mine)! If I could, I would be out birding every morning. Part of this enthusiasm is the fact that, from November to May, there aren't a whole lot of species to see in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. One dreams of Florida, and flamingos. But, like you, I mainly visit the same places, to enjoy the same birds. Just when I'm really getting into Zen birding, I look at ebird and turn bright green when I see what the other birders are seeing! Still working on that Zen birding...MOM